ARTICLE | Burger Pretorius


In the last year, we have seen several new churches and discipleship groups form that would like to partner with King’s Cross Ministries. This is a very exciting and challenging phenomenon; it means we need more musos! We never seem to be able to keep up with the move of God.

During the last year we have endeavored to raise up musicians who are realising that they are as much theologians as the preachers are. We believe that, in some respects, praising God together is of even more importance than preaching, because when we praise God together, we are all preaching at the same time.

To help the preaching of praise to be of a standard that God expects, we have written, and are busy writing, music that is easy to sing, but more importantly theologically accurate. So far, we have written 24 songs and released 1 single – Trust (Psalm 23) – and we are aiming to release another 2 this year.

Pray that we able to equip the people that God adds to our number all throughout the movement, to lead God’s people in songs of praise all over the globe, and that we will be able to give them content that will bring praise to our God.

Listen to Trust (Psalm 23) now

Available on most popular music streaming services, just search for “Trust (Psalm 23)”