September School is an annual event not to be missed.

It’s a time of dedicated and in-depth apostolic teaching for King’s Cross church leaders, Word ministers and anyone who wants to advance the Kingdom of God, plant a house church or find out more about King’s Cross Ministries.

Who can come?

If you’re part of a King’s Cross relating church – a member, church leader or Word minister – the September School will be especially relevant for you. If you’re looking to advance the Kingdom or plant a house church, we recommend that you attend, whether you’re currently part of King’s Cross or not. We’d love it if you could attend in person, but the event will also be live streamed.


John D’achada          Gill D’achada       Johan Wilson-Roos


Burger Pretorius     Donovan Schult



What is it all about?

A fantastic opportunity to meet your fellow King’s Crossers from all over the world, to worship, to discuss and to learn together. The theme for this year is The Kingdom of God: Church, Money and Politics


You are responsible for your own accommodation and transport. Joburg City Church, our hosts this year, has limited accommodation available on a first-come, first served basis – so please contact us with this regard.


September 2023… dates will be announced soon.




2023 venue to be announced soon



Costs for 2023 to be announced soon


Registration will open for 2023 soon – sign up to our newsletter to stay informed

Watch the sessions from 2022 below

Day 1, Session 1 – John D’achada

Day 1, Session 2 – John D’achada

Day 2, Session 1 – John D’achada

Day 2, Session 2 – Johan Wilson-Roos

Day 3, Session 1 – Don Schult

Day 3, Session 2 – Gill D’achada

Day 4, Session 1 – John D’achada

Day 4, Session 2 – Burger Pretorius

Day 5, Session 1 – John D’achada

Day 5, Session 2 – John D’achada

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